Search Accredited Programs NowAlthough creativity and artistic ability is a prerequisite to succeed as a graphic designer, attending a college or university, enrolling in a private design school or studying online and earning a degree is required by most employers. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design currently lists about 300 accredited colleges, universities, and private institutes across the US. Students may opt to explore a Bachelor’s of Art BA in graphic design or a Bachelor’s of Science BS in graphic design. Individuals who wish to teach or complete research may want to check out earning a Master’s of Art MA or Master’s of Fine Arts MFA in graphic design. Graphic design utilizes a variety of electronic and print media, layout, and color theory, photography, and animation to effectively communicate a concept or message to an audience. So, coursework learned in a college program is essential to staying on top of new techniques, software, and advances in the industry. Coursework in most graphic design programs includes introduction to visual arts, foundations in 2D and 3D, digital photography, graphic design concepts, graphic design history, art orientation, collaborative process, new media, package design, and many more core courses related to this major, along with all liberal arts classes. Students will also be exposed to software programs, which may include Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Quark Xpress, InDesign, and other painting and graphic design tools. Although coursework varies from one school to another, additional classes to delve into that are also found in most graphic design programs include typography, environmental and exhibition design, and publication design. Due to the collaborative nature and marketing aspect of the work, you can increase your marketability by completing courses in business administration, marketing, and writing. If you are still in high school, it’s in your best interest to take introductory level art and design classes if your school offers them. Double opt in is the preferred method because it requires confirmation. 4. Link to your privacy policy Place a link to your privacy policy near your list sign up form. Your policy should describe how you handle the information you collect and how people can contact you in case they have any concerns or questions. 5. Send a welcome message to each new subscriber Once someone subscribes, send a welcome message immediately.

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The art director generally selects vendors and, if there isn’t a creative director on staff, has final creative authority.