Remember that most computer inks will fade over time if left in the sunlight. Alternatively you could trace and paint the Coat of Arms onto a canvas panel. For a larger one you can print out sections of the Coat of Arms onto several pages of computer paper and join them together. Easy Recipes and Quick Recipes 30 Recipes, 30 Ingredients Many less than 30 Minute Meals Trace this onto a canvas panel or stretched canvas and paint it I like to use acrylic paints because they are water based and quick and easy to use. A large Coat of Arms on a stretched canvas is an impressive gift. If you have made a family Coat of Arms you could add it to your letterhead, or print it onto the front of cards for your own personalized stationery. Whether you prefer to be mainly online or your prefer offline communication, there are many graphic design communities you can join as someone who works in the field.

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I would personally rather bid too high than too low.