Do the major search engines index the site regularly?If a site isn't indexed regularly, your article will take awhile to show up in search results. Not a huge deal, but it could delay some traffic. Tip 2 Make sure the site offers RSS feeds Do they allow your article's content to be syndicated?RSS Syndication is a big thing right now, because it makes it very easy for another site to feature your article's title, body, and author. If a site doesn't offer RSS, you may not want to waste your time posting there, as you probably won't get as much traffic from them. Is syndication by category only, or can more parameters be submitted?Some sites allow the RSS feeds to be customized by category only. Others allow syndication by any combination of category, submission date, and author. Designing a new world VandA: 1Designing a new world VandA goes on to talk about how modernism was promoted back then.

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Windows and Mac versions of PitStop Professional are available for about $550.